Spotlight Jay Shah

Updated 2021-09-04

Squadron you belonged to as a cadet: #107 Spitfire RCACS


  • Can you tell us about your career? 
    • I am currently finishing a 16-month internship at Calian, Advanced Technologies (formerly SED Systems) where I am helping to design and implement satellite management and communications systems. Currently, I am involved with developing a system that will manage a new pair of satellites to provide internet connectivity to homes, ships, and airplanes in the arctic regions for services such as in-flight WiFi. I enjoy working with a close-knit team (and sometimes people from other teams), to create products impacting millions of people on an international scale.

  • What is one of your most memorable moments either as a cadet or working with cadets? 
    • My first solo - in a glider at Gimli. It was a surreal experience. With all the flight training we completed beforehand, nothing could compare to being in the air, at 2,000 feet, by myself.

  • What are your personal passions/ interests? 
    • With university courses starting again in September, I’m trying to maximize “fun time” over the summer. I enjoy playing sports, especially Tennis and Squash, and gliding recreationally at the Saskatoon Soaring Club. 

  • What advice do you have for current or future cadets? 
    • Dream big and take advantage of the opportunities around you, which are everywhere - especially within the Air Cadet program. It is truly unique, with no comparable programs available anywhere in the world considering the scale, funding, and resources available to all youth in Canada. I truly believe that the Air Cadet program is a program of opportunity, so work hard with dedication and commitment, and enjoy!


  • What training camps/ courses did you complete as a cadet? 
    • Basic Aviation
    • Advanced Aerospace
    • Glider Pilot Scholarship
    • Power Pilot Scholarship
    • International Air Cadet Exchange