The information you need on your uniforms.

Uniform Basic Kit


  1. Wedge – This is the primary headdress.
  2. Wide-Brimmed Tan Summer Hat (“Tilley”) – This hat is worn for summer training sports activities/
  3. Toque – This may be worn outside in cold weather.


  1. Short Sleeve Dress Shirt – This shirt is worn during all formal parades.
  2. Dark Blue T-Shirt – This shirt is worn during some training at the discretion of the squadron.


  1. Tunic – The tunic is the formal jacket of the cadet uniform. It is worn over the dress shirt and with a tie on all formal occasions.


All season jacket – This jacket is worn when weather condition dictate.


  1. Pants – worn during regular activities and parades
  2. Shorts – worn during sports activities


  1. Boots – Black ankle boots are given to wear during normal activities and parades
  2. Running Shoes – worn during sports activities


  1. Grey Wool Socks
  2. Black Belt with Silver Buckle
  3. Black Necktie
  4. Rank Slip-ons
  5. Nametag
  6. Badges