Spotlight Major Blaine Beaven

Updated 2021-08-12

Name and Rank: Major Blaine Beaven

Squadron(s) you belonged to as a cadet: 889 La Ronge

Squadron or gliding site you currently serve: NBCFS, Central Prairie Area Air Cadet Squadrons


  • What is one of your most memorable moments either as a cadet or working with cadets? 
    • Learning to fly a glider, and then an airplane had an incredible impact on me. It provided me with the confidence that I needed to pursue other interests and helped me realize that my potential was directly connected to my enthusiasm and work ethic. 
    • As an officer, getting the opportunity to be an escort officer for the international exchange was amazing. Supervising six amazing cadets while we toured and learned about Australia was a once in a lifetime opportunity. 
  • What are your personal passions/ interests? 
    • I enjoy flying airplanes, travel, biking and reading. My spouse and I use our personal plane to travel for holidays, and we often rent bikes wherever we go so that we can explore more. 
  • Can you tell us about your career? 
    • I am a lawyer in private practice. I work primarily in the field of criminal defense law, however, I also serve as an inquest coroner and a tribunal member for an aviation tribunal. I have been practicing law for 11 years and am a partner in my own firm. I often take on one student or intern per year as I believe mentorship is very important. 
  • What advice do you have for current or future cadets? 
    • Enjoy it. There will be few times in your life where you will receive the same opportunities and be in a position to seize them. 
  • What types of volunteer service do you do in your community? 
    • I volunteer as a board member for a local community legal clinic
    • I volunteer as a board member for the Saskatchewan Aviation Museum
    • I am a volunteer pilot for the museum’s Tiger Moth airplane and give people airplane rides