Director of the Year - Anetta Paul

Updated 2019-12-08

"Every director who volunteers for the Air Cadet League is worthy of recognition. It was a difficult decision and I spent many hours thinking about the contributions that all of you have made. None of them are to be taken lightly. This director is the person who always has their hand up and is willing to take on extra responsibilities. This person knows how to take charge and get tasks completed. She is creative, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile both on the highway and on the keyboard. Her research skills are top-notch and her ideas limitless. Her resilience when overcoming difficulties has impressed me. How you choose to deal with adversity and continue with your head held high is what makes you a better person; one that stands out in the crowd. Anetta Paul has become a shining example of a director who truly cares about the success of the program."
-David Deswiage, SKACL Chairperson