Boots & Boot Laces

How to Lace your Parade Boots:

Straight Across Method: No visible under-laces except at the top of the boot.

Parade Boot Polishing Technique:

Note: The best polish for your boots is just regular black Kiwi polish with a Kiwi cloth. Don’t use Kiwi Parade Gloss or the Express sponge, just keep it plain and simple.

  1. Take your Kiwi polish and take the lid off.
  2. Fill the lid with room temperature water.
  3. Take your Kiwi cloth and wind part of it around your index finger.
  4. Apply a generous coat of polish to your boot, applying it in a circular pattern.
  5. Leave your boots overnight.D
  6. ab you Kiwi cloth-covered finger into the water.
  7. Dab the same finger into the polish but don’t put too much polish on. A tiny amount will do.
  8. Go over your boots in the same circular pattern and work them until there are no water droplets left on your boot.