Drill & Flag Party

  • Drill is an important part of cadet training. Drill promotes discipline, alertness, precision, pride, steadiness, and the cohesion necessary for success within a group.
  • From a leadership perspective, drill is an excellent vehicle to help enhance some personal attributes. A senior cadet’s assertiveness, confidence in his/her abilities while speaking in front of a group, and supervisory skills while correcting personnel on their dress and personal drill all benefit from drill instruction.
  • The Canadian, Saskatchewan, and Squadron flags are carried by the flag party during parades.
  • Your Squadron may have a Drill team. Drill Team consists of a group of cadets that practice to perform a precision drill routine at the regional competition. The team spends many hours developing and practicing elaborate drill movements to impress those at the competitions. The team also demonstrates their skill at the Annual Ceremonial Review. Team members often develop high standards of deportment, and are exceptional members of their squadron.