Join as a Cadet

Young Canadians ages 12 to 18 can participate in a variety of fun, challenging, and rewarding activities and learn valuable life and work skills such as teamwork, leadership, and citizenship. Air Cadets are not members of the Canadian Forces. The movement is, however, sponsored by the Department of National Defence in partnership with the Air Cadet League of Canada.


Citizenship Leadership Community Service
Drill Aviation Marksmanship
First Aid Survival Music
Sports Navigation Aerospace
Communication Meteorology Airport Operations


  • To be eligible for membership in the Royal Canadian Air Cadets a candidate must:
    • Have reached his/her 12th, but not 19th Birthday.
    • Be a Canadian Citizen or Landed Immigrant, or be an international student under the guardianship of a Canadian Citizen or Landed Immigrant.
    • Be acceptable to the Commanding Officer of the Squadron.
    • Have parental or guardian permission.
  • Cadets with physical or medical limitations may join Air Cadets but may be excluded from certain activities, including Summer Training. The safety and well being of the cadet is a major consideration and determining factor.
  • Parents should be aware that if a cadet is not capable of attending weekend training exercises and/or summer training, the cadet may not be eligible for promotion, summer training or scholarship courses. This does not mean that a cadet cannot have a rewarding time at cadets, despite these limitations.
  • Cadets are given the opportunity to advance through the program. To advance, cadets are expected to attend regular training (weekly) and participate in the program fully.


  • Step 1: Consult the squadron directory to find an air cadet squadron near you. To become a cadet, you must join one of these local squadrons.
  • Step 2: Contact them. For each air cadet squadron listed in the directory, there is information about meeting location and how to contact the squadron.
    • Call the squadron if you have questions or show up during one of the training nights (day varies based on squadron) to register. The training year mimics the school year (September – June), so new registration typically begins in September (where most squadron also host open houses – an information and registration evening), however, if space is available during the training year, the squadron may be able to accommodate mid-year registration.
  • Step 3: Fill-out the registration form that will be provided to you by the squadron personnel, and have it signed by your parents. You will also need a proof of provincial health coverage and legal residency (Birth certificate, Citizenship certificate, etc.).


  • Proof of Age and Identity (Any of these documents will be accepted):
    • a valid Canadian passport;
    • a birth certificate issued by a Canadian provincial, territorial or federal government agency;
    • any card, visa or permit (work, study, resident, etc. – with photo) issued by the Canadian government which legally authorizes the person to reside in Canada for an extended period of time; or
    • any identification card (with or without photo) issued by a Canadian provincial, territorial or federal government agency.
    • Proof of health insurance: Provincial or Territorial health insurance card (i.e. Saskatchewan Heath Card) or private insurance (i.e. Blue Cross) card.
  • Please bring these documents with you to registration. To help speed up the registration process, you may wish to bring a photocopy of these documents as well.
  • Registration Forms: you may download and fill out the form below or go to any squadron for printed copies

Application for Membership