Join as a Cadet

Young Canadians ages 12 to 18 can participate in a variety of fun, challenging, and rewarding activities and learn valuable life and work skills such as teamwork, leadership, and citizenship.


  • Interested in space? Now is the chance to learn all about it and Canadian astronauts – most of whom were Air Cadets!


  • With aviation being one of the aims of the Air Cadet program, there are many opportunities to advance your knowledge in this field. You may get a chance to get your pilot’s license.


  • A combination of cross-country skiing and marksmanship. Tremendous endurance and strength, and skill and precision are required. Show us what you’ve got!

Community Service

  • There are many events throughout the year that focus on giving back to the community.


  • With a military-like rank hierarchy, as you progress you are given more roles and responsibilities.


  • Olympic-style precision rifle shooting. Sound fun? Every cadet in Canada does it, and you have a chance to represent your squadron at competitions.

Music & Effective Speaking

  • Explore your creative side and join the squadron band. You can also compete in the Effective Speaking Competition and improve a valuable life skill: public speaking.


  • Physical education for everyone. Most squadrons have a curling team, which competes at the annual provincial competition.


  • Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy survival courses and weekend exercises.

How to Join

  1. Find a Squadron
  2. Contact the Squadron
    • Contact the selected squadron and attend a regular training night which occurs once a week. The regular training year is September to June, so new registration typically occurs in September. However, cadets may join mid-year.
  3. Registration
    • Fill out the registration forms. A parent/guardian must sign the forms. Documentation for proof of age and identity is required (e.g. passport, birth certificate, health insurance card, etc.).
    • Application for Membership