Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) – parent’s committee

Every air cadet squadron in Saskatchewan has a Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC). The SSC is composed of parent volunteers and is the local/squadron level of the Air Cadet League. The SSC is the primary sponsoring group for the Squadron and is responsible for raising funds to support the squadron’s training program, such as power familiarization flying, weekend exercises, band expenses, entrance fees and transportation for various outings, as well as rent, insurance, and operating costs.

The Squadron Sponsoring Committee’s main responsibilities are to:

  1. Publicize the aims of the squadron within the community
  2. Provide suitable facilities for squadron administration and training
  3. Organize and conduct fund-raising campaigns to ensure necessary funds are available
  4. Manage funds raised
  5. Organize and schedule optional activities (e.g., dances, Mess Dinner)
  6. Organize recruitment activities for new cadets, staff, and Sponsoring Committee members, and
  7. Ensure that cadets are treated fairly

The Department of National Defence only covers a portion of the operating costs of each Cadet unit in Canada. Much of the program funds are covered by the fundraising activities of the Squadron.

The Squadron Sponsoring Committees, under the authority of the Saskatchewan Air Cadet League, are responsible for ensuring adequate finances are acquired to support the training program. The Sponsoring Committee is a non-profit organization, which has to pay a small fee per cadet to the Air Cadet League each year in addition to providing funding for citizenship trips, the Mess Dinner, among other activities not covered by the Department of National Defence.


Many parents ask how they can help with the Squadron. The best way is to become a screened member of your child’s Air Cadet Squadron so that you can become involved in helping at squadron events, activities and weekly responsibilities.  There are many small jobs available, requiring minimal commitment. Please talk to your Squadron’s SSC to find out how you can become a screened volunteer.

To ensure Cadets of every financial group can participate, we strongly encourage every cadet and their parent to participate in fundraising activities organized by the Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC).