We, in the Air Cadet League along with our Military Partners, are proud of our Aviation Program which is dedicated to introducing young Air Cadets to “THE THRILL OF FLIGHT.”

The Saskatchewan Provincial Committee of the Air Cadet League of Canada (SKACL) partner with the Department of National Defence to operate three Cadet Flying Sites in Saskatchewan. These sites are located at the North Battleford Airport for Fall operations, the Tisdale Airport for Spring operations, and on the military airfield at 15 Wing Moose Jaw for Spring/Fall operations. These sites are staffed with dedicated senior Air Cadets, Canadian Forces Officers and Volunteers most of whom have obtained their flying qualifications through the Air Cadet Program.

The SKACL currently owns two Bellanca Scout Tow Planes and five Schweitzer 2-33A Gliders which are serviced by the Military and flown by Air Cadets and adult staff on weekends.

One Aim of the Air Cadet Program is to create an interest in Aviation for the young cadets.  This is accomplished by classroom lessons on Aviation topics and flight experience in a Glider. The Air Cadet Squadrons are usually bussed to a flying site on a Saturday or Sunday to spend the day at the airfield getting flights in the Glider and learning about Aviation in general.

The weather plays a big role in the Air Cadet Flying Program sometimes keeping aircraft grounded as safety is the highest priority in any Aviation Program.

When young cadets reach 15-16 years of age, they can compete to obtain a summer Gliding or Private Pilot Licence course (GPS & PPS) at a designated airport.  These courses are funded by the Air Cadet League and the Department of National Defence. Many of Canada’s military and Commercial pilots got their start from Air Cadet flying courses.
Besides flying there are also courses available in the technical fields of Aviation such as Air Traffic Control, Airport Operations and Aircraft Maintenance.