Camp Saskadet

Camp Saskadet is a Tri-Service Provincial Cadet Camp, located on Round Lake, 35 km North-East of Kelvington. The Camp is a permanent facility that is used almost every weekend throughout the year by cadet units for various types of training, and learning water and bushcraft skills.

The building of the Camp officially began on July 5, 1975 with all construction being done by the Air, Army, and Sea Cadet programs with volunteers from Saskatchewan using materials graciously donated from throughout the province. All facilities were completed by September 1978. The Camp has been in existence for over 40 years! Today Saskadet serves as a camp with space for up to 110 people.

Locally Camp Saskadet provides opportunities for camping, outdoor recreation and physical fitness training, including biathlon and survival training/competitions.

It is an excellent venue used mainly for weekend training not only by Air Cadets, but also by the Army and Sea Cadets throughout the province. A volunteer committee, drawn from the Board of Directors of the Saskatchewan Air Cadet League oversees the operation/maintenance functions of the Camp. There is a full-time paid Custodian on site to maintain the facility and make it available year-round for activities. The Camp is our premier training facility that the Air Cadet League maintains to support the cadet program. The Navy League and Army League of Saskatchewan contribute to its operating costs, plus money received from private donations and ongoing fundraising. Anyone interested in contributing to the operating of the camp is encouraged to do so through the Air Cadet League.

Facilities at the Camp include:

  • Fully equipped mess hall and kitchen
  • Heated separate male and female barracks
  • Outdoor parade square
  • Heated Recreation/Sports Centre
  • Heated bathrooms, hot & cold water
  • Fully equipped supply building
  • Outdoor range for .22 and pellet rifles
  • 24 canoes available for use
  • Abseil tower (Army Cadets only)

  • Welcome sign

Saskadet Centennial Square (Est. 2005)

If you are interested in giving a gift/donation to help sustain this camp to ensure it remains one of the best training facilities for the cadets of Saskatchewan, you can buy a granite block with your inscription which will be permanently installed on the parade square at the camp for a donation of $140.00 or more. A tax receipt for $75.00 will also be issued to you by the Saskatchewan Air Cadet League.

Today there are still numerous materials needed and many hours of volunteer work required to bring the Camp up to modern standards. Each donation is appreciated and gratefully accepted. It has been very encouraging to have so many people give freely over the years of their time and money to help upgrade this Camp for the benefit of the cadets. Each year over 1000 people spend time at the Camp completing required cadet training. Camp Saskadet remains a work in progress and every donation of money, manpower, or material is very much appreciated.

Your donation of $140 will be put to good use to help upgrade the facilities at the Camp and ensure it remains a top-notch training facility for the cadets to use and enjoy. Your generous support will help ensure that the cadets of Saskatchewan continue to be provided with the best training location in the Prairies.

In Sept. 2006, new windows were installed in the Camp barracks as a result of the monies raised from this project. Since then, a new fire suppression system was installed in the mess hall kitchen, new shingles and tin on building roofs, new flooring in mess hall and Rec Centre, and more. Thank you for your support.

To donate and buy a granite block with your inscription which will be permanently installed on the parade square at the camp for $140.00, use the form below. We will be in touch with you shortly.

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