About Us

The Air Cadet program operates within a partnership agreement between the Department of National Defense (DND) and The Air Cadet League of Canada (ACL), a civilian, non-profit, community-based and volunteer-led organization. The Saskatchewan Provincial Committee of the ACL (SKACL) is administered by an Executive committee under the direction of the Board of Directors. The Directors are elected by the members of SKACL at the Annual General Meeting.

The Royal Canadian Air Cadets is a program that is free to register, and open to all male and female youth ages 12-18 and is recognized as one of the top youth movements in Canada. The aims of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets are to develop in youth the attributes of good citizenship and leadership, to promote physical fitness and stimulate an interest in aviation. Summer training courses offer flying and gliding scholarships, international exchange visits, technical courses, leadership courses, athletic scholarships, space technology courses, and survival training.

Mission Statement

To influence the development of Saskatchewan youth to become excellent citizens, through programs which provide education, recreation, leadership skills, and aviation exposure.


To develop in each and every Air Cadet, qualities of leadership and an aspiration to become a valued member of their community. We reinforce values necessary to prepare youth to meet the challenges of tomorrow and embrace a multi-cultural Saskatchewan. To this end, we offer dynamic training in a supportive and efficient environment where change is a positive and essential element.

We further commit to attaining this vision by living shared Canadian values with particular attention to:

  • LOYALTY: the expression of our collective dedication to the ideals of the Air Cadet Movement and to all its members;
  • PROFESSIONALISM: the accomplishment of all tasks with pride and diligence;
  • MUTUAL RESPECT: the treatment of others with dignity and equality; and
  • INTEGRITY: the courage and commitment to exemplify trust, sincerity, and honesty.

Our Responsibilities:

  • Camp Saskadet funding and operation
  • Fund and support the Air Cadet Flying Program, by funding all gliding operations and owning all gliders, tow planes, and equipment for gliding centres
  • Effective Speaking competition
  • Curling
  • Coordinate the application and merit-ranking process (including selection boards) for National (6-week) summer courses, including Power & Glider Pilot Scholarship, and the International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE).
  • Conduct an annual province-wide car lottery raffle and golf tournament
  • Conduct nationally mandated activities, such as Registration & Screening of Volunteers, and administration of the Air Cadet Service Medal.
  • Director oversight & support of squadrons
  • Run an annual Photo Contest
  • Maintain a close relationship with regional Squadron Sponsoring Committees (SSC), which is the parent’s committee of squadrons
  • Represent the air cadet program in Saskatchewan, including air cadet squadrons – at the Provincial level – to its DND and Aviation & Aerospace Partners, all other stakeholders in the Program, and the public and opinion makers.
  • Recognize the achievements of volunteer members, cadets, and military partners.